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Frequently Asked Questions

How do I join the Massachusetts Caregiver Coalition?

Complete the contact form indicating an interest in joining the Coalition. You will receive an email from our team at who will be in touch with next steps and can answer any additional questions.

Can I join as an individual, or is the Coalition only for organizations?

The Coalition welcomes all individuals and organizations that have a presence in and/or connection to Massachusetts who are committed to addressing the needs of unpaid caregivers.

Is this a closed or invite-only Coalition?

No.  Membership is open to anyone who is committed to supporting family caregivers.

What are the membership requirements?

The only requirements for membership are to publicly endorse the mission and vision of the Coalition and actively work to recognize, honor, and support employees who are family caregivers.  This can translate to many forms including but not limited to promoting events and sharing best practices from your organization’s efforts in supporting caregivers.

Are there any fees associated with membership?

There are no fees associated with joining the coalition at this time. 

What are the current goals of the Coalition?

The Coalition is committed to ensuring that every employer in the Commonwealth actively works to recognize, honor, and support the family caregivers in their workforce.  However, we are open to collaborating with other state and national organizations looking to make a positive impact on employed family caregivers.

Does the Coalition advocate for policy?

Although the Coalition is not a lobbying entity, through our work with our partners and members we hope to better inform policy makers. Additionally, members are open to pursuing their own policy objectives in support of caregivers.

What do you mean by “family caregivers”?

The Coalition uses the definition of family caregivers set forth by the National Alliance for Caregiving: a family caregiver is someone who provides unpaid care to an adult or a child with health or functional needs.